Funeral Pre-Planning Options

Funeral pre-planning allows individuals to make their wishes known and to spare their families the burden during a difficult time. With predetermined arrangements for funeral service and burial, your loved ones can mourn without the stress of planning your funeral. Some or all of the funeral necessities can be planned ahead. Below are the most common elements considered in the pre-planning process. 

Funeral Services

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You can plan ahead by answering questions like:

  • Open or Closed Casket
  • Traditional Burial or Cremation
  • Burial Attire
  • Pallbearers
  • Visitation or No Visitation
  • Church, Funeral Home or Graveside Service


A prearranged funeral agreement removes the stressful decision making process from your loved ones after your death.

Prepare for the cost of a funeral by obtaining:

  • Burial Insurance
  • Buying A Cemetery Plot
  • Purchasing Life Insurance

Burial Location

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Don't leave it to chance when it comes to finding a place for your final resting spot. Decide ahead of time where you would like to be buried and make arrangements with the cemetery to purchase a plot. If you are to be cremated, decide on where your ashes will be interred.